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Decluttering whilst camping

1-20150819_120422I couldn’t help myself.. While we were away on our camping holiday, we did a declutter. In addition to giving away the random items above, we also threw away and swapped some stuff..

We threw away about 25 bent tent pegs – there’s no way we would ever have bothered to straighten them, and they were not usable in the state they were in, so why were we carrying them around?

We also got rid of some poles that came with the tent when we bought it on ebay, but don’t appear to belong with it. I suspect that the previous owners had added them for some reason.

We gave our existing HUGE camping chairs to a charity shop, and bought some slighter smaller ones – hey presto, much more room in the tent and much more room in the car when packing up. Genius decision.

And finally, we threw away a stove that had melted, and had very little umph, and replaced it with this..

Campingaz Super Carena Stove from Amazon
Campingaz Super Carena Stove from Amazon

Despite the fact that you have to carry the gas cylinder around, we don’t really need to worry about spares for a while, it’s super powerful so it doesn’t take forever to cook pasta, and the actual stove part packs down nice and small and fits in our existing camping kitchen bag..


One Thing at a Time – 10


I am a total stationery nerd. I think it might be my biggest obsession, and therefore also my nemesis when it comes to minimalism.

These were part of a set of little clips that my first ever manager gave me 15 years ago. For about 9 years I never used them – they were too special and cute to use for every day holding pieces of paper together.

Then I used to clip them on my shoes / boots when I’d worn a pair, so that at the end of the week I knew which shoes needed cleaning. I haven’t done that in a few years – so these have been sitting in my jewellery box unused. This shows that it is a reality that you can see an object every day and overlook it, not even realise that you don’t need it.

These have been chucked!

Several Things at a Time – 9

1-20150611_190559This is actually 7 pairs of boots and shoes that I either haven’t worn in over a year, or that are shabby beyond repair.

I recently spent an entire Saturday going through my wardrobe and clearing stuff out – I am planning to draft a couple of blog posts about that, but these shoes were part of the cull. Some went to the charity shop and some had to go in the bin.

My favourite brown boots had holes in the toes – they leaked in the rain, and the rain water soaked into the leather at the toe ends. I’ve finally admitted that holey two-tone damp shabby boots are not a good look.


One Thing at a Time – 7

20150315_130000Another thing that I haven’t used in several years.. It’s been sat in my make-up drawer, gathering dust and muck, and not putting powder on my face. So, out the door it goes and my house gets a little more decluttered – one thing at a time! I do need to reinstate our one in one out rule, as our stationery drawer is getting a bit overloaded – so maybe that should be the next area I tackle?

One Thing at a Time – 4

20150315_130354Free samples of doggy toothpaste given to me by our vet about 2 years ago… Not used it, never gonna use it, out it goes… I try so hard to not take leaflets, samples and other such stuff from people (who I feel bad ignoring) being paid to hand it out on the street or in shops. I know I don’t need those things. Here’s a new conundrum : How do I tackle the things that might just be useful…?

One Thing at a Time – 3

20150315_164736This is candle wax. It had collected in the bottom of my glass candle holder and solidified. You might think I’m a bit desperate, or cheating, counting this as an item I’ve decluttered… My defence is that this is an example of the everyday clutter that collects in our homes without us noticing. As we pare down our possessions, what we are left with should be beautiful and inspiring – and a glass vase partly filled with old wax is not that.

So, over the weekend I dipped my glass vase in hot water, loosened up the spilt wax, washed and cleaned the vase, put a new candle in it, and it’s now sat on my mantlepiece in all its glory. A secondary bonus is that my Dad makes candles as a hobby, so will be able to recycle this wax into something else that’s beautiful to look at..