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One Thing at a Time – 8


We only have one dog but we have 2 harnesses and 5 leads. I haven’t braved the task of weeding out the leads yet, but I have got rid of this harness.


One Thing at a Time – 4

20150315_130354Free samples of doggy toothpaste given to me by our vet about 2 years ago… Not used it, never gonna use it, out it goes… I try so hard to not take leaflets, samples and other such stuff from people (who I feel bad ignoring) being paid to hand it out on the street or in shops. I know I don’t need those things. Here’s a new conundrum : How do I tackle the things that might just be useful…?

Breaking in new trainers..

20141109_093330The dog & I went on a cross-country run this morning – I took the chance to wear my new off-road trainers that I bought several months ago. I really would have liked to have shared a photo of the glorious view – sun streaming through the mist onto the dewy grass – but I didn’t take my camera with me, so we’ll have to make do with a “before” shot of my trainers instead.

A sunset walk

20140705_210638A couple of weekends ago we took the opportunity to take our pooch to a dog friendly pub for dinner. The food was amazing, the weather was warm enough to sit outside and bask as the sun went down, and then we took a late evening walk across the fields to a river. I snapped this picture as we walked back to the car, marvelling at the luxury of being out and about at 9.30pm. (When the winter draws in I must remember that the evenings are there to do stuff with.)