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Crafts – Using what you have…

As a keen crafter, I have boxes and drawers and bags of wool, fabric, cotton and stationery stashed all over the house. Admittedly, I do have less than before as I have been quite strict with myself while doing the first round of decluttering. l have already listed some wool and knitting needles on eBay – stuff I knew that l wouldn’t use or didn’t like.

I have also been quite disciplined in not buying any more wool (with just one exception this Christmas) for a good couple of years now.

My downfall is definitely stationery, but I will tackle that in a later post!

This blanket (pictured above) though, is a personal success that I would like to share with you. I have been crocheting it on and off for about five years. It is made up of remnants of wool leftover from other knitting and crochet projects – jumpers / tops that I have knitted for myself, a jumper that I knitted for my husband, a scarf I made for a friend, a blanket of squares that is on my sofa, a camera case, and toys and hats that I have made for my nephews – as well as the wool for a project that I started some 15 years ago, decided l didn’t like and had been tucked away in a cupboard for years.

While I am making it and once it is finished, this blanket will bring back memories, remind me of family and friends, and take me back to the various places I knitted the originals – in the blazing sun, camping on the lsle of Wight, on the train on the way to work, at the knitting club at the wool shop in the village we lived in when we were first married.

In addition, it’s a great reminder to me that I can have fun and do my hobbies using the things I already have – there’s no need to go out and buy any more supplies for the time-being!


A family trip by train


This photo shows us on the train mid-journey to visit the in-laws. Crochet is well underway, I’m listening to a podcast, and the dog is snuggled quietly between us. Lots of my favourite things in one picture. (I am also exceedingly proud of how little stuff I took on this trip – finally learning how to pack light!)