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Decluttering whilst camping

1-20150819_120422I couldn’t help myself.. While we were away on our camping holiday, we did a declutter. In addition to giving away the random items above, we also threw away and swapped some stuff..

We threw away about 25 bent tent pegs – there’s no way we would ever have bothered to straighten them, and they were not usable in the state they were in, so why were we carrying them around?

We also got rid of some poles that came with the tent when we bought it on ebay, but don’t appear to belong with it. I suspect that the previous owners had added them for some reason.

We gave our existing HUGE camping chairs to a charity shop, and bought some slighter smaller ones – hey presto, much more room in the tent and much more room in the car when packing up. Genius decision.

And finally, we threw away a stove that had melted, and had very little umph, and replaced it with this..

Campingaz Super Carena Stove from Amazon
Campingaz Super Carena Stove from Amazon

Despite the fact that you have to carry the gas cylinder around, we don’t really need to worry about spares for a while, it’s super powerful so it doesn’t take forever to cook pasta, and the actual stove part packs down nice and small and fits in our existing camping kitchen bag..