One Thing at a Time – 7

20150315_130000Another thing that I haven’t used in several years.. It’s been sat in my make-up drawer, gathering dust and muck, and not putting powder on my face. So, out the door it goes and my house gets a little more decluttered – one thing at a time! I do need to reinstate our one in one out rule, as our stationery drawer is getting a bit overloaded – so maybe that should be the next area I tackle?


One Thing at a Time – 6


These little bottles were an impulse buy. I got totally taken in by the shop’s tactic of displaying products alongside the queue for the checkout. They are designed to be small enough to take in your hand luggage on a plane, but we don’t really go abroad with just hand luggage anymore now that hubby is living in the UK. So these are probably quite unnecessary and that’s why I am getting rid..

One Thing at a Time – 5

20150318_065312I have recently joined a publisher’s book club. Each month I get sent a book that has not yet been published – the deal is that I read it and write a review. However, because the copies I am sent are pre-publication, I can’t pass the copies on or sell them.

So… I have decided that I need to be ruthless and recycle them as soon as I have read them – I really don’t want them to stack up on my bookshelves.

One Thing at a Time – 4

20150315_130354Free samples of doggy toothpaste given to me by our vet about 2 years ago… Not used it, never gonna use it, out it goes… I try so hard to not take leaflets, samples and other such stuff from people (who I feel bad ignoring) being paid to hand it out on the street or in shops. I know I don’t need those things. Here’s a new conundrum : How do I tackle the things that might just be useful…?

One Thing at a Time – 3

20150315_164736This is candle wax. It had collected in the bottom of my glass candle holder and solidified. You might think I’m a bit desperate, or cheating, counting this as an item I’ve decluttered… My defence is that this is an example of the everyday clutter that collects in our homes without us noticing. As we pare down our possessions, what we are left with should be beautiful and inspiring – and a glass vase partly filled with old wax is not that.

So, over the weekend I dipped my glass vase in hot water, loosened up the spilt wax, washed and cleaned the vase, put a new candle in it, and it’s now sat on my mantlepiece in all its glory. A secondary bonus is that my Dad makes candles as a hobby, so will be able to recycle this wax into something else that’s beautiful to look at..

One Thing at a Time – 2

20150316_075514I hate this shirt. It’s baggy and shapeless. I feel like I look like a man when I wear it. There’s no way that I could easily adjust it, and if I did I’d probably still hate it.

This morning, low on clothes left in the wardrobe, I put it on, and instantly hated how I looked. Why have I kept this wretched thing for so many months? It stares disapprovingly out of the wardrobe at me, making me feel guilty because I’ve only worn it a few times.


It’s new home is the bag of stuff due to go to the charity shop – and hopefully someone else will love it.

One Thing at a Time – 1

20150315_125949I had my hair cut short 22 months ago, and yet have been hanging onto these hair elastics, just in case. Having tried all sorts of different brands and make when I had long hair, these were my favourites. Strong enough to hold my huge mop of heavy hair, no metal clasp to pull at my hair, and long lasting. However, I don’t need them now and there’s no point in keeping them just in case I decide to change my hairstyle at some future undetermined point. If and when that day comes, I can just go out and buy some more!