One Thing at a Time – 7

20150315_130000Another thing that I haven’t used in several years.. It’s been sat in my make-up drawer, gathering dust and muck, and not putting powder on my face. So, out the door it goes and my house gets a little more decluttered – one thing at a time! I do need to reinstate our one in one out rule, as our stationery drawer is getting a bit overloaded – so maybe that should be the next area I tackle?


3 thoughts on “One Thing at a Time – 7

  1. Hi, Just I’ve loved these 7 simple posts as while there are many posts around the internet inspiring minimalism, I love the actual real life “this is what I’m getting rid of” posts perhaps even more. I’ve got a list at the end of my weekly blog that details what has gone this week. I figure it helps others to think ‘do I really need that?’ Hope to see you back soon as I’m finding there are not many of us in the UK.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I have still been getting rid of stuff but was worried that just doing posts on what I have decluttered might be a bit dull. Thank you for your encouragement – I may well get going and start posting again!!

    2. Hi Catherine.. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve just posted an update, and drafted a second!
      Thanks for encouraging me to get back into the habit of posting.. 😀

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