One Thing at a Time – 3

20150315_164736This is candle wax. It had collected in the bottom of my glass candle holder and solidified. You might think I’m a bit desperate, or cheating, counting this as an item I’ve decluttered… My defence is that this is an example of the everyday clutter that collects in our homes without us noticing. As we pare down our possessions, what we are left with should be beautiful and inspiring – and a glass vase partly filled with old wax is not that.

So, over the weekend I dipped my glass vase in hot water, loosened up the spilt wax, washed and cleaned the vase, put a new candle in it, and it’s now sat on my mantlepiece in all its glory. A secondary bonus is that my Dad makes candles as a hobby, so will be able to recycle this wax into something else that’s beautiful to look at..


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