House move countdown – 2 weeks to go

20141130_095426Here’s my shed and my plants all packed up and ready for moving. We’ve cleared and dug over the borders (as required by the landlord), and created new flower borders where the chickens used to live.

I must admit that one of the sheds is still ram-shackle full of stuff that needs packing or preparing for moving, but I am so pleased the back garden is basically done and dusted. It’s the major T-minus-two-weeks task on my pre-move list along with:

  • Redirecting our mail
  • Meal-planning and placing a grocery order to be delivered the day after we move in
  • Finding day-care for the dog on the days we are moving – wide open doors are not a good thing with a dog that loves to chase anything that moves (including leaves blowing in the wind)

The front garden needs a little tickle too – but we don’t have enough space in the garden waste recycling bin to fit any more grass cuttings or bits of shrubbery in, so that can wait until next weekend..


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