Job done – mystery bag tackled..

20141122_175943This is it!! I have tackled the mystery bag! The bag of junk, memorabilia, journals, letters, birthday cards and postcards that has been following me around for years has finally bitten the dust.

Recently, I have been on a total roll with getting stuff done. (That probably should be the topic of a future post.) For now though, suffice it to say that clearing the junk from our spare room has made it onto my project list, and this particular task has been long overdue.

I had planned to go through it all, organise the cards and other such stuff into date order, scan them and print them out to paste into a scrapbook. In the end though, that’s just another (very time-consuming) way of procrastinating about throwing this stuff away.

After a couple of hours sitting on the floor in front of the TV with the bag of stuff, two-thirds was recycled (box on the left), the mystery bag (in the middle) was empty, and I was left with:

  • Medals from running events I’ve participated in
  • A couple of notebooks, record books and news articles relating to childhood achievements
  • Various cards and letters from my husband (which I do have a plan for – watch this space)
  • A few more journals to add the big box of journals (which I also have a plan for)

Very satisfying, and a lot more minimalist in terms of both time and space than what I had originally planned. Now there’s progress..



One thought on “Job done – mystery bag tackled..

  1. Congratulation, I know this bag has been on your mind (and to do list) for a long time. Doesn’t it feel great, when it’s finally done?

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