And relax…

20141115_111109Last weekend we went away and stayed in a log cabin. As you can see, I took my sewing machines with me and spent a good amount of time making progress on the evening dress I’m making in my sewing lessons! (Not exactly packing light for a weekend away..)

I love going away at this time of year. This year particularly, work has been extremely busy and although we’ve had long weekends, I haven’t had a week’s holiday since the summer and am feeling it! That aside, though, I love:

  • waking up late and having gentle sun filtering into the bedroom
  • peeking out through the curtains while I make my morning cup of tea and seeing the mist and dew hanging around the countryside
  • taking the dog out for a brisk walk, all wrapped up warm against the chilly air
  • driving along the country lanes and admiring the array of autumn colour
  • snuggling up indoors where it’s warm and cosy
  • doing a bit of online christmas present shopping with the hubby
  • being able to spend as much time as I like on my hobbies, with no chores to do!

I always come home and wonder how I can make my life at home feel more like a weekend away, and I just can’t figure it out.. Is it the location, the surroundings, or the lack of chores that makes the biggest difference?


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