Focus on Veggies (I mean Fitness) VII

20140811_182428Way back when, in the late summer, when I first drafted this post, I had just got back from 10 days holiday and gained 3lbs. As a result my personal trainer worked me hard, oh so hard. My first training session consisted of a plank challenge, and sprints alternating with lunges, amongst lifting and core work. Ouch – were the chips with my pub meals worth it?

So here’s some examples of the meals we’ve been having as a result of my focus on vegetables:

  1. Chicken in a cream sauce, no carbs, accompanied by 3/4 of a plate of roasted spiralised courgettes and carrots. Verdict – proper yum.
  2. Pancetta & Mushroom Tart, with 5/8 of a plate of green beans, asparagus and sugar snaps.
  3. Sausage stuffed mushrooms with 3/4 of a plate of roasted spiralised aubergine and carrots (I wouldn’t recommend this veg combination – it’s a little dry).
  4. Roasted chicken thighs with 80g (raw) of roast potatoes and 5/8 of a plate of broccoli, green beans and asparagus. Yum – first potatoes in days!!
  5. Spiced lamb patties with a pitta bread and 5/8 of a plate of roasted spiralised marrow and butternut squash (see picture above).
  6. Red thai curry with 5/8 of a plate of broccoli and home-grown runner beans.
  7. Chilli and ginger chicken leg with 250g of green beans.

I think I’ve said before that I cook in batches of 4, 6 or 8 portions at the weekend. I freeze the portions and rotate them so that we’re not eating the same thing for nights on end. It’s a habit I started when I lived on my own in an attempt to make sure I didn’t eat take away every night!

On weekdays I just get something out of the freezer in the morning, it’s defrosted by the evening, and all we need to do is cook some veg to go with it. It makes life so easy – it means I don’t have to cook properly in the week. It does mean that I have to go shopping a little more frequently to make sure the veg is fresh but that’s not the end of the world.


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