Project 331 – Nov 2014 review..


These are the four things that got filed as part of this month’s review – 3 sleeveless tops and a bolero / shrug style cardigan. I haven’t got rid of them entirely, as they are firm favourites but just not appropriate for winter! I took the opportunity to dig out some woolly jumpers and another pair of jeans to replace them on the rail.

One thing that’s going through my mind is how to ensure I don’t end up wearing dreadfully tatty clothes because I’m wearing my favourites over and over again. They will inevitably start to wear out, but if I haven’t bought any new clothes in a while, there will nothing new in the wardrobe as a contrast.

Maybe I need to add a new step to my monthly review – asking myself questions such as: Are any of the clothes faded, bobbled, stretched, tatty?

Now that I’m about to start packing up the house, it might be a good time to do an overhaul of the clothes that I’m not including in my 33 (keeping in storage) to see if any of them really need to be exited..

January might be interesting, clothes-wise. I am starting a new job, and there’s every chance that the dress code is smarter than where I’m working now. That would mean digging out some old suits (and probably finding that some of them need replacing!!).


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