Is my minimalist blog more about stuff than about minimalism?


Half of the photos on this blog are of stuff, possessions, things. Minimalism seems to involve quite a focus on possessions in the short term, in order to achieve less focus on possessions in the long run.

The longer it takes me to reduce my belongings, the more time I’ll spend managing them, the longer I will spend thinking about them and which ones I want, which I don’t need, how can I get rid of more, whether or not I should be buying this extra thing etc, etc.

It makes me wonder when I’ll reach the point that this takes less time and energy, when will I feel like I am “there” and as minimalist as I want to be? How will I know? When I’m no longer spending time decluttering, what will I spend time doing? What will I talk about on my blog?

I find it difficult to envisage this future state, I’m not really sure of the specifics of my aims or what it will feel like when I’ve reached them. I’ve almost completed one round of decluttering in every room of the house, got rid of lots, and am not sure what todo next to take another sizeable chunk out of our belongings. I think that there is more stuff that could go, but the next circuit of the house might be more challenging.

It will force me to consider – do I really need my childhood memorabilia, my wedding dress, a TV, a spare room, the journals I wrote when I was a teenager, the crystal glasses we had as a wedding present and rarely use? I know I don’t NEED any of these things, but which of them add something to my life that it would be misguided to remove?

As I finish off the final bits and pieces of the first round of decluttering, I need to identify the next plan of attack.


3 thoughts on “Is my minimalist blog more about stuff than about minimalism?

  1. When you finish clearing it all you will continue to write about the things you are doing now because you don’t have to clean. How you are living life and helping others. The occasional maintenance post. Keep up the work!

  2. I’m right there with you, but as I move along decluttering stuff, I notice that I want to get rid of even more stuff, some of the harder stuff.. and I get dissatisfied with where I am as I want to shed even more.. I believe we will eventually get to where we are happy with what we are left with of physical stuff and then we might spend more time sorting out the mental stuff, and I’m sure as we move along we will start spending more time on how we live an who we help. And regardless of where we are in this process.. I’m sure we will find things to write about 😉

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