Focus on Fitness V

20140808_070239I have joined a gym… which doesn’t feel very minimalist..

During our fitness holiday in May, it became apparent that if I want to be in better shape I need to do two things – eat more healthily and do different kinds of exercise. My main forms of exercise are running (in fits and starts) and walking the dog, but that’s it.

This was confirmed during my fitness assessment – my cardio abilities are pretty good, but I’m not very flexible or strong, and my posture is poor.

And so, three times a week, I am now heading down the road to be put through my paces by a personal trainer. All the exercises I need to do are the ones that I find difficult (of course), so we are doing different variations of squats, ab work, plank and lifting stuff – to strengthen my core first. The amazing thing is the trainer manages to make it enjoyable, varies the training from session to session, and I come away feeling good!

I’m really impressed with the set-up too – it works really well but is quite rare. You pay a monthly membership, attend three times a week with up to three or four other people – each doing their own thing as instructed, so your workout is still tailored to your needs. It means you get personal training at each session, at a fraction of the price!

We are due to move house again at the end of the year, and so I’m already worrying about how I’m going to continue with this in our new location. Will I find someone else I like as much who is as affordable? If I stop having training sessions, will I undo all the good work that I hope will have borne fruit by then? If I joined a normal gym would I still go as frequently without having the trainer there as my conscience?


One thought on “Focus on Fitness V

  1. I am so glad you found something that is working for you and that you like. I belong to a gym and use a personal trainer once a week in addition to my gym workouts. Some people may find they can do just fine without a trainer but I need the attention and motivation. I believe if we truly use something on a regular basis to our benefit it is not wasteful and not in contradiction to Minimalism. 🙂

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