Focus on Fitness IV – Eating Advice

Meal Proportions

Like most of us I have heard a huge range of conflicting advice about what to eat, what time to eat, what combination to eat, how many points to eat, and the impossible “just eat healthily and exercise regularly”.

So, to be clear I am not a nutritionist, scientist or doctor, but the advice we were given on our fitness holiday earlier in May seemed sensible and quite easily applied with a little thought.

The advice was:

Start by filling just over half your plate with vegetables and salad.

  1. Add protein to a quarter of the plate.
  2. The small slice left is for carbs.
  3. Exercise some portion control.

It seems balanced, not overly restrictive, and eating more vegetables can’t be a bad thing, right? In the week we were away, I managed to follow this precisely – the amazing chef had prepared all manner of interesting and unusual salads, lots of extra vegetables to go with your meal, and served the pasta / potatoes separately so you could help yourself. I came away feeling slimmer, healthier and more vibrant. Genius.

At home, it’s been a different story. It’s taken me umpteen weeks for two things to coincide so I could include the above picture on the blog – 1) remembering to take a photo before I started eating, and 2) having followed the advice in the first place.

Even more confusingly, the trainer at the gym I have joined has a whole other philosophy towards food – the main crux of the difference being to eat carbs at lunchtime and protein for dinner, and to eat a massive breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner.

Arrrgghhhhhh…. (to be continued…)


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