Happy 1st Birthday Newbie Minimalist!!

DSCN0934It’s exactly a year since I started my blog, so it seems like a good time to reflect – what has this year been about? What have I achieved?

  • I got a job. This time last year, I was finding the process of job-hunting quite demoralising. Even though I had been excited about giving up my previous job and free-lancing, once I had decided to find a new job I found the process tough.
  • I completed two CV-boosting qualifications.
  • I got rid of 1,112 things – making a total of 1,321 things since I started decluttering (my blog started a little behind the curve).
  • I spent most of my leisure reading time devouring e-books about minimalism, decluttering and happiness.
  • I’ve developed a new-found identity as a healthy-fitness person (the reality just needs to catch up with the aspiration).
  • I’ve confirmed, through my Simple Pleasures series, that the thing that makes me happiest, most contented, is spending time outdoors.
  • I’ve posted 48 blog posts – almost one a week – although in some fits and starts!

Of all my posts this year – these are the top ten (according to visitor numbers and not including the archives page):

  1. Minimalism is pants!!
  2. Getting photos streamlined
  3. Minimalist doggy
  4. Setting goals – August
  5. My not-very-minimalist but Christmassy fireplace
  6. An edible solution
  7. No more studying!
  8. Neighbourly cheer..
  9. The sheer slog of ebay
  10. How to get rid of 800 things

I have really enjoyed my first year of blogging. It’s not always easy to find the time, or figure out what I want to say. Strangely though, it’s quite like a friendship – the more often you talk, the easier it is to find things to say. It works best for me when I review my drafts every couple of days and keep shaping posts until one is ready to publish.

So, with that short round up, all that remains to say is a big thank you for your support and interest in my wanderings through minimalism and other whims – I feel I have found a small community of friends whose lives I enjoy following and whose support I enjoy receiving – lots of love and cheers to you all!


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