Wooden spoons and other bits and pieces

20140725_184727Using my “plastic box” method, I have attacked the collection of wooden spoons and other bits and pieces that have hung around in my utensil jar for years.

The Plastic Box Method

The plastic box method is great for sorting the things of which you need more than one but probably not quite as many as you have. So far I have used it to tackle underwear, socks and wooden spoons. Here’s how:

  1. Empty the drawer or container into a plastic box.
  2. When you have used an item return it to it’s usual home.
  3. Only take an item from the plastic box if there is not one of what you need in the usual storage place.
  4. At the end of the month get rid of anything that’s left in the plastic box – you can live quite successfully without it..

The only thing I have rescued from the pile of utensils to throw away is the turkey baster – which is a kind of a once a year thing. But the results of this exercise is Keep: 9, Chuck: 20 – I never would have been that brave if I was trying to guess what I needed to keep.

Next up, tea towels – I have so many of these that they don’t all quite fit in the drawer easily.


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