Project 331 – July 2014

20140723_201758Project 331 is taking shape.. It’s taken me a whole year since I first started thinking (and blogging) about it to really get on board and make it a regular pattern of life..

As I said in my first post on the topic, I’m not really following the proper rules and have adapted them even further (made them easier) for my own purposes, but it’s working well now. For several months I lived with both of the rails shown in the picture above full of clothes, but not all being worn. Now I’ve sorted and folded the remainder into the two big crates you can see above, labelled:

  • Summer / Holidays
  • Spring / Autumn  &  Winter

So I now have 33 items of clothing I am currently wearing sitting on the rails, but I haven’t included accessories or shoes in that number any more. Also, the standard gym/sports clothes, PJs don’t count in the number. Adding work clothes into this mix has made it more challenging.

I must admit that in addition to this wardrobe, I also have a cupboard storing shoes, suits and other out of season clothes that need hanging up, a chest of drawers with my underwear, sports clothes, PJs and accessories in, and another cupboard with a stack of evening dresses in. (Oh and a dirty linen basket.)

However, having removed the excess clothes from these rails (that form the basis of my daily clothes decisions) has made such a difference that choosing what I am going to wear the next day is now easy-peasy.



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