Will a new laptop make me a better blogger?


We all know that the answer to that is no, and yet it’s so easy to get get drawn into that kind of thinking. I’m typing this on said new laptop, and reflecting that despite my efforts to downsize and embark on a more minimalist lifestyle, I’m still quite attached to buying shiny new things and upgrading.

In retrospect I reflect that I’ve fallen for the tricks of the marketing function and yet.. Browsing the stores, looking online for the best deal, trying to find the thinnest and most lightweight version with a decent spec and finally placing the order was exciting. As was going to the shop after work this evening to collect it.

Having a less hefty laptop will definitely have its advantages, but I doubt it will make me a better or more regular blogger – I’ll need a bit of something else to make that happen…


3 thoughts on “Will a new laptop make me a better blogger?

  1. I know what you mean. But, there is the thought in leadership and productivity articles that in order to work well and be effective the conditions do matter. In this case, one could argue that getting a new laptop helps you become a better blogger because it is something that you actually want to write on, as opposed to an old, slow, hefty machine. The conditions that you have, including your laptop and desk and setup can help in making you better because you actually want to use the things you have.
    Just a thought. 🙂

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