Drawers Update


ln a much earlier post, I explained that I was trialling a new method of cutting down on the volume of necessary items.

As a rule, I have found it relatively easy to get rid of belongings that I just don’t use any more, those that are getting old and tatty, and duplicate items of which one will do.

I admit l have done a bit of “archiving” (storing things in the garage) of items that we use less often or that I genuinely think I should keep even though l don’t use them at the moment. Examples might be:
The tagine – only used every few months, but you can’t make a tagine without a tagine!!
The emergency kettle (nothing worse than the idea of not being able to start the day with a cup of tea).
The excellent giant hair straighteners l don’t use at the moment since I got my hair cut short.

Anyway, in addition to my feeble excuses regarding archiving, I also hadn’t really tackled the challenge of reducing the volume of essential items of which you really do need more than one.

So, I started with pants – emptying the drawer into a plastic box, continuing with the normal process of putting laundry away in the drawer, and only venturing into the plastic box when there was nothing in the drawer. At the end of a month (that included a week or so’s holiday) I was able to get rid of almost half of my underwear in the confidence that I have enough to get by.

I then did the same thing with pairs of socks and threw away half of those.

Now my collection of wooden  spoons, plastic spatulas and other kitchen bits and pieces are undergoing the same treatment.


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