The Mystery Bag

20140405_125210 (2)I’ve had this bag of stuff for longer than I’ve known my husband. It’s definitely lived in four different homes with me, maybe five. It lurks under dining room tables, in lofts, behind desks, in the back of wardrobes – maybe it’s even been to Narnia and met Mr Tumnus?

Each time we move and then when we tackle whichever room has been used as a dumping ground during the move, my husband goes through the routine of asking “What’s even in there?” and ”Can’t we just chuck it away?” 

So far, I’ve managed to resist these questions with a claim that I have a plan for the stuff in there and will get rid of it when I have some time. The claim is true, I do have a plan, and it is one of the things I will tackle and blog about in the coming weeks.. But for now, I wanted to introduce you to what my husband calls The Mystery Bag and desperately hopes my need for blog content will finally lead me to getting rid of.


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