Simple Pleasures

2013 Blog (2)
I’d like to introduce you to my series called Simple Pleasures. This started back in December when I was out walking my dog one afternoon, and took a moment to admire the sunset.

As I’ve been mulling on minimalism, these posts share the moments when it’s struck me which things make me happy. Unsurprisingly they are rarely complicated or expensive moments. Knowing that I’m aiming to post a Simple Pleasure once a week has encouraged me to look out for them, and take a photo when they happen. The collage above, made up of pictures from my posts in the series so far, makes it clear that I love the outdoors. I knew that already, but this just encourages me to spend more time doing the things that make me happy – and that means making the effort to be outdoors as much as I can!

Posts so far in the series include:

I think another round-up of this series in a few months time might open my eyes to some other things I don’t really realise make me happy – could be enlightening!



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