Minimalism is pants!!

20140222_112002Several months ago, I had a goal to minimise my wardrobe. It worked quite well and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I managed to dress with a smaller range of clothing. This is an especial surprise given my lack of ability to instinctively tell what goes with what. Then I got a job and that put the suits amongst the pigeons and the discipline  round the wardrobe dissolved.

My recent post explains how decluttering isn’t really a priority right now, and so I have  decided to try a pants experiment. (For those of you not ofay with British humour, pants means knickers in the UK, and is also used to mean “rubbish” or “not that great” – i.e. “I’m having a really pants day!”)

Anyway, the gist of all of this is that I have alot of underwear I don’t wear and I reckon I could live with less. But how do I tackle this without risking running out of pants? In order to figure it out, I have emptied my underwear drawer into a storage box. As clean pants make it back to my underwear drawer I will only dip into the storage box if the drawer is empty. After a few weeks l can throw away any sets of underwear I haven’t worn..

Once that’s done I might venture to carry out the same experiment with socks!


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