The sheer slog of ebay

ebay photosI have already sold most of this stuff on ebay and gumtree – and there are 145 photos lurking within this collage. I wouldn’t want to guess the number of hours it’s taken me to take photos, write descriptions, upload, wrap and post these things. Probably far more time than £100 or so is worth.

And yet, I find that one of my major stumbling blocks with the de-cluttering part of minimalism is not identifying the stuff I don’t need, but letting it go without it feeling like a waste. Selling it for 99p makes me feel better about getting rid of it, even though some of this stuff is junk I’ve inherited from other people’s clear outs.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m holding off any serious clearing out or ebay-listing action in favour of spending spare time on more important things, and so that means I have this pile of stuff in the spare room that has been there for months. Grrrrrrrr.20140222_093708


4 thoughts on “The sheer slog of ebay

    1. Hi.. Well I live in a cul-de-sac so there’s not much passing traffic. Also I’m not sure yard sales are a very British thing… I am thinking that I might just take it all to the charity shop if I haven’t shifted it by the summer!

      1. Americans go yardsale crazy. I have a MASSIVE pile in the basement. I put the more valuable things with a specific buyer on ebay though. However you get rid of of it all good luck!

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