Minimalist priorities

20140219_212007-001I have been hitting the books at least one day every weekend, and on as many evenings as I can manage, since the New Year. This has been combined with a very busy period in a new job, and together these things have taken up much of my time and my brain space.

The pile of stuff in the spare room is still calling me, begging to be listed on ebay or given to a charity shop, but I am relentlessly sticking to the view that it is not a priority. We will find out in the next month or so when our next house move is likely to happen, and this makes the pile of stuff nag even louder, as I can’t bear the thought of having to pack it all to move to the next place. But, it is still not a priority.

I’ve thought several times in the last few weeks that it’s an odd to be writing a minimalist blog, whilst telling myself that decluttering is not a priority. I also have ambitions to restart a project on my wardrobe, and my chest of drawers, and most definitely the study.

But as well as studying for my exams, we have a business to shut down before the end of the financial year. These things are more important right now than spending time clearing my stuff, so I’m keeping my minimalism focused on my spare time activities – making sure I’m doing the things that are most important.


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