Minimalist doggy

20131231_184932 (2)Our doggy got spoiled this Christmas, receiving more presents than the humans in the family, so last night we had a clear out of the toy box to make space for his gifts. This is him with the ones selected for throwing away – a selection of bone bits, chewed up up plastic bottles, ripped up soft toys, and crushed tennis balls.

We even let him sniff through the whole pile of stuff and kept the toys that he seemed particularly attached to! We’re so proud of our minimalist doggy!


2 thoughts on “Minimalist doggy

  1. I just did the same thing for my kitties. They were not quite as willing to let things go on their own as your dog but we had a little chat. šŸ™‚ The hard thing is not having the excess toys just wind up in the trash so I am going to talk to the Humane society about taking some of the toys. I am also going to encourage my family to by treats and easily used gifts for the kitties next year.

    Nice article. Happy New Year!

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