Getting photos streamlined

20131207_120519-001One of my recent successes has been to cut down my digital photos from roughly 15,800 to 8,050. I first got a digital camera in 2006, so this was almost 2500 photos per year I had squirreled away. Not including, of course, the disastrous times my laptop crashed and I lost a chunk covering several months. (Worryingly this has happened more than once!) So here’s….

How to Streamline your Digital Photos

  • Collect all your digital images into one place – look in all your folders, facebook download, family and friends pictures.
  • Add the date taken.
  • Organise into folders – I did this by date taken, and used “year-mon – description”
  • Delete pictures that are blurry, have nothing of interest in them, are unattractive – these are easy decisions.
  • Identify what is a reasonable number of pictures to have – I decided 500 per year – use folder properties to give you a count.
  • Go through and reduce duplicates.

I’ve decided to create photobooks of the best images, with 24 pages per year (my first book will cover 2007-2012). My next challenge is to go through the very bulky photo albums of printed pictures to downsize those..


2 thoughts on “Getting photos streamlined

  1. Love this,

    I have already started to do some work on my photos. I’ve been working on putting old paper photos into albums, with the “what does not make it into the album, gets tossed” attitude. in addition I have some overlapping in paper photos and digital copies of these. I have cleaned them up some. .. have scanned some old photos that were not digital.

    My next goals is to:
    – scan the most important ones of the photos already in albums, and yes they are a lot.. I probably have about 5000 photos in albums 😦 so I can get rid of the albums
    – delete and clean up my files and files of digital photos, just like you have been doing
    – print one very, very small albums for each year of my digital photos

    I like your goal of only keeping 500 photos per year… I’ll definitely give that a try 🙂

    I’m planning a whole post section on Digital stuff on my very brand new blog this year, both reducing digital clutter, and digitizing to get rid of physical clutter. Just in case you want to check it out 😉

    Continuous luck with your photo journey 🙂

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