Learning a new routine


Not a dancing routine, but morning, evening and work routines. There is not a day when getting out of bed is not followed by making myself a cup of tea. Developing other routines that are just as automatic is the most recent habit I’ve been focusing on – while keeping on with not procrastinating.

I already have morning and before bed routines I’ve been following on and off for several years now. In my last job, which frequently required me to be in different offices and different towns for different times, these routines helped me ensure I got my eight hours sleep and got out the door on time with all the various files I needed.

Now I have a new job that’s based in the same office, or at home, I’ve developed a new routine of things to do when I first get into the office (to make sure I don’t just disappear down the rabbit hole of answering emails at the expense of everything else), and to do before I leave the office for the day – to try and make sure I start the next day at work as prepared as possible.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of steps I should follow to review work projects for lessons learned, and what kind of routine I could build in to make sure I fit some relaxing in around my getting on with stuff.


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