Using my starter motor


Getting stuck in, progressing my to-do list, not procrastinating – these are things I really am not good at when I’m flopped out on the sofa.

About ten years ago when work was causing me quite a bit of stress, a friend gave me a book called Manage Your Mind. It’s been skulking around my bookshelves ever since.

I’ve been flicking through it again recently, and it has some really sensible ideas about treating yourself right, using a problem solving method to unpick your concerns, sleeping better, eating better, and exercising more to be more contented. So I’m using ideas from this book as to kick-start my personal development focus.

So, using your starter motor, is one of their seven basic skills for Managing Yourself and Your Mind – and the first area I focused on for personal development. When I got home, I did my chores and got stuck in to my to-do list – and it meant that:

  • When I realised my assignment was due in one week before I had originally thought, I had already done the majority of the work, and only needed to finish editing and formatting it.
  • My dog – who had been left in a half-smooth, half hairy state for a couple of months when I had started (but not finished) grooming him – is now pretty much smooth all over.
  • Most of my Christmas food, budget, present planning and card writing (which I had been putting off for a month or more) got mostly done in a single weekend.
  • I have made good progress on clearing a back-log of requests and progressing development projects at work, by strictly alternating one request, one development task, one request, one development task etc.

It’s become ingrained and been of such a benefit to me so quickly that I moved onto a second habit after just a couple of weeks..


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