Temporarily Parked


When I started this blog, I thought it would be full of posts about how I got rid of tonnes of my stuff – maybe not in 21 days – but at some point. What’s happened in reality is that I soon realised I was trying to do too much. I wanted to make sure that decluttering didn’t distract me from some really important goals, such as getting a job and completing the qualifications I’ve paid thousands of pounds of my own cash to register for.

So I’ve parked the decluttering. My spare room is half-full of boxes of my belongings that I want to sell on ebay and gumtree. My patient husband has sold all of his things that he cleared out at my instigation, and mine are still sat there making me feel guilty! I have decided not to find any more things to purge until I’ve actually sold / given away those boxes full of unwanted stuff.

I’ve been mulling this over and reckon that my quest for minimalism isn’t totally on hold though. What I have been simplifying are my priorities, my activities, and the things I want to achieve right now. Although life is short, I have plenty of time to improve – I don’t have to have everything, be everything right now.

So now, each few weeks, I set myself:

  • One main home activity/achievement focus
  • One main attitude/behaviour improvement focus
  • One main work improvement project

Let’s see how we go…


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