Do I really want to give up gifts?


It doesn’t seem right to think up a list of things for people to buy us when it’s been so time consuming to downsize our belongings, and we still have so many things we could get rid of. In my family, get-togethers tend to be organised around occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas) and so often have a present-giving focus.

I love giving presents, I love it when I’ve thought of a really great gift idea for someone I love, I love wrapping them up, seeing them under the tree at Christmas, and there’s some lovely nostalgic  warm fuzzy feelings reminding  me of my childhood when we start handing them out after a huge Christmas dinner.

But here’s my collection of conflicting thoughts:

  • It’s not a good idea to give / receive things that the giftee doesn’t need or want
  • Gifts are about the thought put into them, not about the actual item itself.
  • I love giving gifts
  • I don’t want to have to think up ideas of things for people to buy for us when we still have so much stuff we don’t need
  • What would we do with ourselves after Christmas dinner if it’s not an afternoon gathered around the tree, surrounded by wrapping paper?
  • I don’t have the right to force my opinions on my family

I think we’ve come to a compromise position this year, but I wonder how it’s going to pan out..


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