Focus means not…


Having a focus on some important goals has meant that there are lots of things I haven’t done – including:

  2. decluttering
  3. coming up with new projects for the garden
  4. doing all my hobbies
  5. scanning in old photos to get rid of photo albums
  6. reading novels
  7. watching TV while I do my chores… slooooowwwly…
  8. going to knitting club
  9. gardening

Several months ago, I blogged to say that I was focusing on getting a job, finishing my employment law qualification, keeping the house clean, and eating healthily..

The update is that I have a full-time job (started 4 weeks ago), have very nearly finished my employment law assignments – only a bit to go, and although I did well at getting some house cleaning routines in place, have just employed a cleaner now that I’m out at work all day with a long commute..

The eating healthily thing has fallen by the wayside, which has taught me that focusing on even four things is more than I can cope with at once…


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