20 things I really want to buy but don’t need to


These are the things that play on my mind and make me itch to get my credit card out.

  1. A new notebook to record my goals and achievements – but I am using the journal I already have!
  2. A tiny notepad to go in my pocket as a GTD capture – but I always have the notebook I have my GTD lists nearby anyway (this is one of the joys of being a woman – having a handbag to carry all that kind of stuff).
  3. A roomba – but my husband does all the hoovering anyway.
  4. A LOVELY clutch bag l saw in Next – why I don’t need this needs no explanation.
  5. Crisps and/or chips (or if you are not British, chips and/or fries) – but I am meant to be on a diet.
  6. Books, books and books – but I have an ebook reader and don’t really need physical books.
  7. Dog toys and treats for my little poochie – but he has a trunk-full already.
  8. Lots of shrubs to fill the ugly overgrown space in my front garden – but this is a rented house and we move every couple of years, and that many shrubs would be expensive!

When l started drafting this list it feIt like there were LOADS of things I was just itching to buy, but it seems as if it’s been less of a struggle than l thought to not buy things l don’t need…..
That feels like a small victory.


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