How many decorations do you NEED?

Mini challenge:

  1. Take all the pictures, clocks, photos, wall hangings, children’s art, embroidery, tapestries?!, degree certificates off the walls and stack them up somewhere out-of-the-way.
  2. Spend a month considering what you really miss, and then only put those ones back up.
  3. Enjoy your clean, clear walls!

We did this when we first moved in. Usually I’d want to get all this stuff put up as soon as possible to make the place feel homely, but this time I was determined not to make unnecessary holes in the wall that would only need filling later. We waited for about 2 months before we got the hammer and nails out..

Strangely this house is almost exactly the same layout as our last one so, in the meantime, I often found myself looking at blank spaces on the wall expecting to see a clock.

So what did we put back up?

2013 Blog

  • 3 fabric wall hangings I made to match the cushions I also made – I’ve included a picture of the cushions too, as I’m a bit proud of these matching masterpieces 😀
  • 1 large frame of photos from our wedding
  • 2 clocks
  • 2 small frames of photos from our honeymoon
  • A sunset canvas I got in Egypt
  • A print of a painting
What hasn’t made the cut?
  • 4 or 5  framed course photos of my husband and his class mates
  • 3 canvases
  • 4 shop bought “scenic” canvases
  • A world map
  • 2 small clip frames with postcards in
  • A print that was hanging in the bathroom

I reckon that is a good start – I haven’t missed any of the bits and bobs that are sat in a pile in my spare room… Now for gumtree


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