Setting goals – August


Goals have been on my mind quite a bit this year. One of the tasks I tackled in the New Year was starting to plough through reading several large boxes of magazines, articles and course notes that I have accumulated over the years and moved between 6 homes since leaving university. As a result of the type of jobs I have had, much of this literature has been focused on personal development, leadership development, self-awareness (Daniel Goleman) and intentional change (Boyatzis).

  • Reading all these articles put me in mind to set myself some medium and short-term goals.
  • And so I did.
  • I made a little bit of progress but not enough.
  • Then a couple of months later I read loads of Zen Habits posts about GTD, reorganised my to do lists and wrote a whole load of other goals.
  • I made a little bit more progress but not enough.
  • Reading Just-A-Little-Less’s blog on her new year’s resolution to focus I properly realised that what everyone else already said in the things I’ve been reading (and what we all know deep down) is that if you try to do too much too soon, it ain’t gonna happen.
  • I have been guilty of aiming for not only the moon, but several planets as well, and as a result have missed landing on star by more than a smidgeon.

This was while l was away on holiday so had plenty of time to ponder. I have so many areas of my life in which I would like to do new things, progress other things, improve how I do existing things, that the goals I set previously were too wide-ranging.

Prioritising my goals

This is what I did..

  1. Mind map all the possible areas, musts, wants and needs.
  2. Decide on categories for ranking them. I chose: 1) Contribution to sustainability; 2) Impact on my overall happiness; 3) Impact on my overall goals; 4)How much will I enjoy it? These aim to balance my long term ambitions, needs and immediate desires.
  3. Rank each goal on a scale of 1-3 for each category.
  4. Multiply the rankings to give an overall score.
  5. Select a small number  of goals scoring the highest.
  6. Create a cool tag cloud to have on my phone and desktop as a reminder.

This is what I have ended up with for August.

Cloud 1 v2

  • Keep to 1625 calories a day.
  • Complete my employment law qualification.
  • Apply for jobs.
  • Flylady is a website I came across several years ago – aimed at helping people get to grips with their house keeping. This goal is be consistent in applying the housework routines I developed.

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