Project 331 – Starting up


Clothes shopping and putting outfits together have never been my strong point. There have been days when I’ve walked to the station on the way to work and thought “this outfit really doesn’t match, but it’s too late now”. So to tackle this I got really organised.. I tried on all my clothes and found 2 tops which definitely matched a pair of trousers or a suit and then hung them all on the same hanger – then I could be sure my clothes matched. Where I had trousers with no tops, I went shopping. It  works, but it means I probably have more stuff than I need.

Project 333 is an experiment in living with less clothing. Their challenge is to live in 33 items of clothes for 3 months. You are meant to pick out your items in advance and pack all the rest into boxes, put them out of sight and get on with the challenge. (The 33 items don’t include your wedding ring,  underwear, PJs, loungewear or gym clothes.)

Project 331

This is my adaptation of the challenge…

  • Instead of choosing all 33 items in advance, I am picking them as I need them – I have saved a few spaces at the end of the list as I know I have a night out in a few weeks that will require a posh top and shoes!
  • Instead of wearing them for three months, I am going to review the items after a month and see if I want to replace any with better fitting / more versatile options.
  • I am cheating and counting “jewellery” as one item.

Why take / adapt the challenge?

I’m  not sure I want to live with as few as 33 items in the long run, but I’m hoping that my adaptation to this challenge will allow me to experiment more with mixing and matching my wardrobe again, but with better results. Taking pictures of the outfits to post on this blog will give me a better idea of what really suits me, and what maybe doesn’t (so I can ditch those things). The items that get switched out in the monthly review could probably get discarded unless there’s a really good reason why not, and the items that never get switched  in could also go!

All in all I think this probably amounts to a fun way of gradually minimalising my wardrobe, and hopefully feeling confident about what I’ve kept.

My Capsule Wardrobe So Far

I started this a few days ago, so I’m around halfway with picking the clothes.. Taking photos of my shoes has made me realise I need to shop for some nicer looking replacements – both pairs look very worn!


P.S. As a strange aside, one of the recommended tags for this post was “Johnny Depp” – what?!


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