Minimal ambition

Moving Lorry

It was while I was planning to pack up our house, once more, to fit in a lorry like the one above that I came across minimalism. As we move every two years or so, I was determined not to take with us a pile of stuff we hadn’t touched since we last moved.

Part of the moving process is having a surveyor estimate the volume of your belongings, so that they can send the correct size of truck, and so my ambition is to:

Reduce the volume of our belongings by at least a quarter in 2 years

This probably isn’t as stretching as it could be (hence the title of this post), but it is the target I first set myself, so I’m sticking with it for now. If we exceed our ambition then all the better! Anyway, this time we moved the surveyor estimated we had about 50 cubic metres of stuff, so watch this (hopefully increasing amount of) space!


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